Rules & Information

2019 3nd Annual Dragstrip Riot presented by the BLP Products and Orlando Speed World.

The drag race portion of the event is a Nostalgia Race for all pre-1979 interpretations of an American steel and/or Fiberglass hot rods and/or drag cars raced from the 1940s thru the 1970s. This event is a Gathering to celebrate Vintage Drag racing.

Invited Racecars:

GASSER: Straight Axle. Any Engine. Slick Tire.
DRAGSTER: Front engine, rail jobs, any engine combo raced in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Slick Tire.
FUNNY CAR: Flip top cars. Any engine. Slick Tire.
ALTERED: Altered wheel base car. Roadsters. Any Engine. Slick Tire.
CLASSIC DOOR Slammer: All classic 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s door cars. Racecars, Altered Wheel base, Stock and None stock engine. SLICK TIRE.
CLASSIC STREET DOOR Slammer: All classic 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s Street Cars. Vintage car, Street Roadsters. Show and Go Stock. Stock and non stock engine. STREET TIRE.
MOTORCYCLES: Vintage drag racing.

MINIBIKES: Fast as hell MiniBikes.

All Spectators are $15.00.

Vintage Car Parking pitside is $20.00 includes drivers. (If you wanna run your car. It will be $30.00 includes driver to test and tune. Park in Vintage car parking and see below for Safety Rules)

Racecar Test and Tune all day is $30.00.

 Handicap parking and seating will be provided by Orlando Speed World

 Only Nostalgia Racecars and Vintage Cars will be permitted in the Racecar and Vintage Car arena. Please police yourself!! If you have a 1986 Corvette or a 2015 Hell Cat you can park in the Vip Parking in the ShutDown area or Free parking on the spectator side. Love Hell Cats and late model Corvettes, just NOT at this show! I have asked in the past to keep the Nostalgic Flavor of the Event. Someone knowledgeable about Vintage cars will be at the back entrance gate. If your car doesn’t meet the Nostalgic Flavor of the Event, you will be asked to park in Vip area in the shut down area. THIS EVENT IS NOT A STEAK AND SHAKE THURSDAY NITE CRUISE-in.

Sorry if we offend anyone with a newer car you think is Nostalgic. I will personally hand you your money back if you think you’ve been OFFENDED!

If you are coming in as support for a RACECAR in a non-NOSTALGIC CAR: Stay together with the RACECAR coming thru the entrance gate. PLEASE KEEP your pit footprint as small as possible. We have a lot of Racecars to park!

 Vendors and STAFF

7:am setup time. Line up in lane three before the ticket booth.

You WILL NEED YOUR DRAGSTRIP RIOT CREDITIAL FILLED OUT. You will be issued a wristband at the ticket gate. Staff At the back entrance gate, you will be told where to park. Staff report to Satan Speed Shop trailer for assignments. Vendors will be escorted to your area. If you have questions, call before the show. If you’re at the show, find someone with a DragStrip Riot White official shirt that person will have a radio and will get your answers.

Tentative schedule of events

9:00am: Gates open

10am-11:30am: Time runs. Registration.

11:40am: Mandatory Drivers meeting. Starter rules. Flag start procedures. Safety! Having fun. SO BE THERE!

12:00 Noon: National anthem, Don Garlits Cackles the Swap Rat.

All class lanes are open.


Order of the Show

12:00pm: Nostalgia Eliminator (Flag Start)

          Exhibition (Flag Start)

          Southern Street Stock/Super Stock (See Jim Wahl)   Tree Start

          No-Bull Nationals     Tree Start

          Classic Door Car Slick Tire      Tree Start

          Classic Street Door Slammer Street Tire     Tree Start

          Florida Mini Bike Drag Racing League       Tree Start

          Call Nathan Thompson for Details after 5:30 est 813-417-8829

American Motorsports and Advance Drive line are the class sponsors of Florida DragStrip Riot Event. Four Fastest cars from every class (except Street Stock/Super Stock, No Bull and Mini Bikes) will be announced after every round of qualifying.

Orlando Speed World will do all it can to keep this event moving.

Understand if we have a crash or oil down. It takes time to clean up the track.

Finals at 5:00pm


You will be called to the lanes.

Trophys for 1st and 2nd Place,

4 Fastest Cars in each Class at the end of the day will be asked to the line to run the finals.

First Place in your class will be a $200.00 Gift Certificate to AMS or ADVDL.

2nd Place $100.00

3rd and 4th $50.00

We will be giving out Awards all day for things like best of show and Best Burnout (on the track).


Nostalgia Eliminator.  Front Engine Dragsters, Funny Cars, Altereds

Classic Door Slammer Slick Tire. 40s 50s 60s 70s Full Bodied Racecar Slick tire. Any Engine

Classic Door Slammer Street Tire. 40s 50s 60s 70s Full Bodies Street car Street Tire.

Any Engine.        

All Payout and Class racing Questions Call Bill Hartzell 321-231-5988.

Vintage Car Parking and Event Questions Call JT 863-257-0363



Lanes 1 and 2 will be Nostalgia Eliminator. Exhibition Cars, Stock Super Stock, NO Bull event.

Lanes 3 and 4 will be used for all Fast Slick Tire Nostalgia Eliminator, Pull up in your slick tire car and make as many laps as you can.

Lanes 5 and 6 are open all day for Super Street Stock, show car drags, test and tune and grudge racing on street tire, VINTAGE CAR PARKING. We encourage you to join into the fun.

Lanes 7 and 8 are for Mini Bikes and Motorcycles, and again, you will NOT be called to your lanes as your lanes are also open all day! Mini Bikes: See Nathan Thompson with the Florida Mini Bike Drag Racing League for your schedule at the event.


Rules and Information

Helmet (If you are a 14.00 or a slower enclosed top car, no helmet is required. All open top cars/convertibles at any time must wear a helmet, gloves and long sleeve shirt). Please if you have never raced, just bring a helmet!
Eye protection is a must.

Seat belts are another must.

11.49 and slower, enclosed top car: Long sleeve or Short Sleeve shirt acceptable

11.49 and Quicker: SFI Jacket

Gloves Optional but recommended.

Long Pants, Closed toe shoes.

No flip flops

Optional neck brace if you have one.

If you have a FAST CAR/RACECAR and have raced any track anywhere, you already know what you need to compete safely.


If you have a FAST open top show or street car or convertible, you will need some type of reasonable arm restraint attached to the seat belt. Restraints should not impede your reach to your controls!!!!!
Fill out tech card, either have a number on your car that matches your tech card or tech will assign a number for identification.  

Vintage Car/Super Street Cars
Please fix any obvious safety issues with your car, if you have something flapping in the wind, bolt it down or take it off. If you have hubcaps, they need to be securely fastened to the wheel or take them off.

Shut you A/C OFF in the staging lanes.

Must have a catch can for radiator. No missing lug nuts.

If you’d rather race 1/8th mile or 660 feet, there will be cones setup for those who are not wanting to make a 1/4 mile pass. Please decide for yourself!

Bring your safety equipment to tech along with tech card. Tech is located at the scales (see map). If you have a backup girl or crew members, they MUST get a wrist band at tech to be in the starting lane area.

We will be flag starting Nostalgia Eliminator all day.

Christmas tree all other classes. Finals in all classes will be flag start!

Flag start: roll into pre-stage, when ready, roll into stage.

Flag held in starters right hand will point at you, you will nod your head yes that you are ready. She will lower flag to the ground.

When flag moves upward LEAVE!

Everyone Knows Richard Stetson. He is the LAST WORD if you left early PERIOD!!

Vintage Car Parking, This show is limited to PRE 1972 Hot Rods and Muscle Cars.

If your car doesn’t meet this simple statement, please park in the VIP PARKING or spectator area. DO NOT MAKE ME DECIDE WHAT YOUR CAR IS.

Do we need to say anything about racing and alcohol? The wrist band you purchase for racing will not allow you to buy alcohol at the race track. When you're done racing FOR THE DAY, take it off. If you're caught with alcohol, wearing a Drag Race wristband, you're done racing for the day. PERIOD!!

97.1 on your FM Dial is the track station. This is where your Class will be called to the lanes and for general information thru out the day. Plus 50/60 music thru out the day!

Vendors/Goodie Bags: Please stop into Vendors row and check out all the neat products, swag and services being displayed. Vintage Car Parking and DragRace cars will get a Swag Bag at registration while they last. Please use the coupons and specials in the bag or pass them to someone who will. All of these vendors wanted to come to the Riot and relax with a cold one but chose to take time away from their business to support the hobby and lifestyle that you LOVE.

This race could not have happened without the support of the vendors and sponsors! Please support those that support you.

Swap meet spots. Call JT details. 863-257-0363

Pit Bikes, Golf Karts, Mini Bikes, Scooters and Bikes are welcome.


The shut down and return roads are for warm up. NOT BURN OUTS OR ANY HIGH SPEED MANEUVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep your speed down in the pits, SPECTATORS ARE EVERYWHERE!!

We have tried our best to think of everything. If there is a problem we will do our best to make it right for all.

Be safe and have fun!!!