Tentative schedule of events
8:00am: Gates open

10am-11:30am: Time runs. Qualifying for Class racing. Registration. 
11:40am: Mandatory Drivers meeting. Starter rules. Flag start procedures. Safety! Having fun. You will be picking your first round opponent at this meeting. SO BE THERE!

12:00 Noon: National anthem, 1st round of racing in All Classes. Your class will be called to the lanes.

Grand Marshall Don Garlits gives orders to “Start your engines!!”


Lanes 1 and 2 will be used for all class racing. Nostalgia Eliminator, Super Stocks, Classic Door Cars and Super Street stocks. When your class is called got to lanes 1 and 2.


Lanes 3 and 4 will be used for all Fast Slick Tire Nostalgia Eliminator, Super Stock,

Classic Door Car Test and Tune all day. Pull up in your slick tire car and make as many laps as you can.


Lanes 5 and 6 are open all day for Super Street Stock, show car drags, test and tune and grudge racing on street tire,


Remember TEST AND TUNE you also will NOT be called to the lanes, as your lanes are open all day!


Lanes 7 and 8 are for Mini Bikes and Motorcycles, and again, you will NOT be called to your lanes as your lanes are also open all day! Mini Bikes: See Nathan Thompson with the Florida Mini Bike Drag Racing League for your schedule.